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FGH Awards

Communication: Award show
Task: Develop an idea for the award show of the FGH Real Estate Award
Goal: Let the project come to life!
Creative solution:  
FGH Real Estate Award

Project description:

Every two years, the prestigious FGH Real Estate Award is awarded to the most distinctive real estate project in the Netherlands. N-Sign has organised this event five times and each time has devised an innovative approach to let the project really speak. The ceremony is held in the Beatrix Theatre, home of the real estate bank. N-Sign was responsible for the complete organisation and coordinated preproduction, built the registration site, made all HD recordings of the nominated projects, composed the music and directed the program.




Ericsson meets music and more

Communication: Special Project
Task: Create an environment in which we can communicate at top-level
Goal: Inspire and surprise business relationships
Creative solution:
Ericsson Meets Music & More….

Project description:

Since 1999 Ericsson launches an annual special B2B relationship marketing event. Every year expectations need to be surpassed, this year being no different. The challenge to come up with a surprising and fresh program was considerable. N-Sign developed an intimate dinner in which the informal networking possibilities, a performance by Candy Dulfer and the 60 guests together took care of a unique program. With an optimal output for all involved. The project has been developed and executed various times.