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Sogeti Café

Communication: Kick off 
Task: Organize a kick-off with many moments to exchange views and share successes in a casual atmosphere.
Goal: Binding of employees and exchange of information.
Creative solution:  
Sogeti Café


Project description:

N-Sign organized at the request of the communication department of Sogeti the annual kick-off meeting. The theme of this year was ‘Sogeti Café’. For one day the biggest Grand Café in the Netherlands. In casual atmosphere, with nice people around you, at the bar and a with a drink in your hand. Unexpected meetings and personal stories, but also inspiring conversations and here and there a strong story. The informative part was presented by Filemon Wessselink. He creates a good balance between informative and fun. One part of the show was filled in by the authors, David De Kock and Arjan Vergeer, of the successful bestseller '365 days succesful’. The CEO played a major role during the kick-off, and of course there was the presentation of ‘Sogetist of the year '. After the official part the guests enjoyed a dinner in Grand Café style. The kick-off ended with a DJ.