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Party trough Europe

Communication: Festive Events
Task: Organise a party for the employees of NS Hispeed and their partners
Goal: Sociability, bonding, celebrate successes, being proud of NS Hispeed
Creative solution:  Party trough Europe

Project description:

Hop in and join us on a celebratory trip through Europe! After the starting signal, the journey can begin. Go to Brussels and enjoy fresh products. Dance along in Amsterdam and don’t forget to grab a croquette sandwich as traveling snack. Rest a little in Paris on the 'Place du Tertre' while enjoying a glass of wine with different French cheeses. Pick up the journey and head to London to enjoy a real English Pint and play a game of darts. Or join a beer-fest in the Bierstube in Berlin. Whichever station you choose, there will be a party everywhere! For NS Highspeed N-Sign hosted a staff party in the Fabrique in Maarsen. Divided into two evenings with special attention to the multicultural composition. As traveling snacks employees received some specialties from various countries, to reminisce by: chocolates from Belgium, German pretzels, French macaroons, Toffees from England and little Dutch Stroopwafel.