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Communication: Merge Event
Task: Develop a plan for a merger meeting
Goal: Stimulate bonding and exchange
Creative solution:  
Smart Combination

Project description:

A Smart Combination was, as a theme, central to this Merger Event. The theme came to effect in various different ways. The colours from the brand identity, red and yellow, formed the basis, but also did the various powerful units that came into existence through this merger. At the start of the program the seating of DTG and GG was separated, but during the event exchange increased. During the program the different cultures got attention continually focussing on the synergy effects combining into success. With special video productions and separately controlled screens surrounding the audience impressive presentations were given. The final spectacle, the actual introduction of the new logo was a fine moment to truly integrate the two groups. During the party afterwards this was continued with Smart Entertainment Combinations that kept stimulating bonding and exchange.