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Next Eneco

Communication:  Advertising agency
Task: Create a conference for global Climate Savers; to be held the new Eneco building
Goal: Deepen the communication and awareness of Climate Savers
Creative solution: WNF Eneco - Next Conference

Project description:

WNF is one of the initiators of project NEXT. A conference for global Climate Savers. Big corporations with the vision to, within the next 50 years, implement a corporate strategy concerning CO2 emission reduction at all levels of the corporation and by doing so decrease the corporate footprint. WNF teamed up with energy producer Eneco to realise the conference both in content and costs. The new head office of Eneco in Rotterdam was the basis for NEXT. After winning a pitch N-Sign set out formatting and realising the conference. A big challenge to draft up a creative and interactive setting in the new office. With good line of sight for all guests, a fitting stage and decoration matching the new interior design of the office. Finding budget friendly solutions that fit or better enhance the breathtakingly beautiful and high quality interior. The top speakers, both from national and international fame, were invited by WNF and Eneco. N-Sign fulfilled the central management role in which the stage program was rehearsed meticulously. In the afternoon five different profession relation workshops were organised that guests could subscribe to.