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Green event tips

  • Start with a Green Policy for your company where you write down what you wish to carry out to your staff and where you explain why it is important for you as a company to go green. Make people aware of what you stand for and they will follow easily.
  • Badges and invitations can be printed on FSC paper. There are good alternatives for badges and lanyards, these are now made of fully degradable plastic products. Use new media and electronic technology to cut down paper waste.
  • Event locations are nowadays also conscious of the environment and pollution that an event entails, ask for it when you visit a location. Note reduction of water and energy consumption, waste, transportation management, food and beverage and reuse. Talk with suppliers and venues what you can do together to save even more.
  • When decorating an event you can pay attention to recyclable or recycled materials.
  • Catering is a part where you can save quite well, work with local suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions related to transport. Are the products they use fair and friendly environment created? Set up a menu that is vegetarian. Ask if they use organic products. Make use of live cooking, so you avoid unnecessary disposal of food.
  • Place waste bins everywhere for different types of waste so the waste is separated right away. You will make people aware at the same time of the waste they produce, especially with a big concert or event.
  • Led lighting is great alternative for mood lighting and colored lights to create a good atmosphere.
  • Transportation is the largest polluter, you can take this into account by choosing a central location that is easily accessible by public transport. When guests come from abroad you can point out CO2 compensation, many airlines already do participate. Encourage the use of public transportation or carpooling. Or use touring coaches to transport guests.
  • Gift bags can be made from environmental friendly material and what you put into it also. Pens, notebooks etc are also made from recycled materials, these are more and more available. A give away that someone is actually going to use is even better. Give your guests a USB stick with all the information of the meeting, seminar or convention on it, they can reuse the usb stick, print it with your logo and you have a fun giveaway. At a wedding you can, instead of a giveaway ask a donation to charity, explain this to the guests and ask them to support the same goal.
  • Make your guests aware of the environment and show them how you deal with it yourself. Tell them for example about the biological catering and energy saving measures you've taken, make them part of it.
  • When you have your staff meeting make them aware of your green policy en tell them that this is the way you work and that you expect them to work with the green policy.
  • When you organize an event you can link it to a charity. Make a donation as a company and ask your attendees or quests to do the same.
  • Are you using aggregates for your event fill it with bio-oil which has a less environmental impact.
  • Transfer of guests to an event at a short distance can be by bike, tandem or even by foot. Provide transportation and a map, most guests find it fun too.
  • Make use of growers with a green hart, they produce in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Use durable glassware and tableware for dinners to prevent much waste.
  • Send digital invitations because they have a less environmental impact than printed ones. If you want to send a printed invitation anyway, find a printing company that provides environmentally responsible press and print work on FSC paper and who can press and print controllable.
  • Take in consideration the experience and attention to the environment when hiring technique. This is not only the use of LED lighting or aggregates on biodiesel or hydrogen but also on how they use the equipment transport.