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Audiography and videography

Our vision

To visualise a message, audio and video productions form an important part of our profession. N-Sign is involved in scriptwriting, storyboarding, recording, graphical post-production, editing and final editing. We use very experienced audio and visual experts but also invite young talent from various schools in the Netherlands. N-Sign produces corporate films, bumpers, personal video portraits but also the video production of your marriage or private special event. N-Sign also develops audio for films, show productions and corporate video. 


First pole Princess Máxima Center

Standing ovation of children, parents, nurses, doctors, stakeholders, the board members and Minister Schippers after the festive program on 8 February 2016. As a symbolic gesture the First Pole of the Princess Máxima Center has been struck into the ground in Utrecht. After 10 years of preparation the day has finally arrived. The second center in the world where complex pediatric oncology care and reearch ome together and will be deliered in two years time. In the program 'the child' was central to the story and the motto was 'everything through the eyes of the child'. Led by Filemon Wesselink various speakers got the chance to speak. N-Sign developed and produced in co-operation with the Princess Máxima Center the First Pole program. 

Sogeti kick-off Up2You

An impression of the Sogeti kick-off 2016 with the theme 'UP2U' that stands for being the director of your own success. N-Sign and the marketing team of Sogeti organized a strong and interesting brandevent for 1400 employees. During the Sogeti kick-off experienced the thme Up2You.  Tijdens de Sogeti kick-off beleefden de medewerkers het thema Up2You.
There were shared a few words and a bite to eat. Colleagues, customers and board members were speaking in an interactive program, led by four Sogeti reporters. The connection between corporate targets and the contributions employees can make for the realisation of these targets and the success of Sogeti was the main point. 

a.s.r. real estate retail lounge

The mission a.s.r. real estate and retail had for us was to come up with a recurring format for retailers, brokers and real estate agents to get in touch with each other. Starting point is a sneak preview at a unique a.s.r. real estate location. Content and networking was combined. We developed the a.s.r. real estate retail lounge.


Opening of the National Military Museum in Soesterberg by King Willem-Alexander

In december 2014 N-Sign Special Event planning organized the official opening of the National Military Museum in co-operation with the NMM and their project leader Marianne Severijn. His Majesty King Willem-Alexander opened this museum by installing the last part of the logo. We sought for a combination between very personal stories, subjects such as peace and safety, the impressive material, the protocols of Defence and the beautiful design of the museum. As guidance of this opening we chose the theme 'a Life'.

Farewell CEO Cees van Bemmel of Van Wijnen

On 3 December 2015 CEO Cees van Bemmel said farewell to construction company Van Wijnen after 16 years. 
N-Sign was asked to create a format for a brandevent and to take care of the production of a commercial reception with relations and a festive dinner, tailored to the personal needs of the CEO. The new managing board was also presented to the relations. The farewell was held in the Kromhouthal in AMsterdam. This industrial location was transformed to a classy reception and festive space. Service orientation, the personal touch and Van Wijnen's colors prevailed.

Van Wijnen farewell Timo and Hein

Mr. Timo Deen and Mr. Hein Huisman said their farewells to construction company Van Wijnen after 40 years of service. Golden Tulip Tjaarda Oranjewoud was completely transformed to an intimate atmosphere of Friesland for this special occasion. The employees of Van Wijnen North took care of a part of the decor and an amazing cabaret show. Furthermore there were personal stories told, the Tjaarda presented a beautiful four-course dinner and there was time for a laugh and a tear.

AFAS Dutch Glory

Dutch Glory was the theme. AFAS is an authentic Dutch company with versatile talent. Which was celebrated during the staff outing followed by a party. 

Eva Simons and Sidney Samson have joined in marriage on 14 July 2014

On 14 July Eva Simons and Sidney Samson joined together in marriage. An emotional day which was celebrated extensively with parents, family and friends. Eva and Sidney married in the Westerkerk in Amsterdam after which the 400 guests were invited to a spectacular party in the Undercurrent in Amsterdam. N-Sign was asked to produce and direct this marriage alongside them.

Click here for a video impression.


AFAS Festival 2014

In corporation with AFAS we created a festival for 580 employees with partners.

Royal opening central station Rotterdam

N-Sign developed and produced the opening of Rotterdam Central by order of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the local authorities of Rotterdam, ProRail and the NS. Watch here the video of the official opening of Rotterdam Central 13th of March 2014 by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander. By symbolically making a connection with the traveller, Rotterdam Central was opened. A harmoniously, artistic opening which concentrated on visual art, dancing, performing acts and the Rotterdam Philharmonic.

Company pride IT bedrijf

N-Sign created en produced a kick off meeting with corporate movies, trailers, decoration, stage program, F&B, light, sound and many more. Full process. Added video an impression of employe movie at the end of the kick off.

Short movie of construction of kick off meeting

Timelap of conference for employees (1600) in Den Bosch.

Brandawareness Rotterdam Central Station

Brandactivation of 15 shops on Rotterdam Central Station in Netherlands.


Nominated company for realestate award.


Trailers for Fortis Belgium.

FGH Vastgoedprijs

Short video impression of award for real estate professionals in Netherlands.